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May 04, 2023


QOEN Coaching & Consulting has been very active in Vietnam lately. Recently, they were called upon by the Vietnamese Digital Transformation Center (DTC), supported by GIZ Vietnam, for coaching & training support. GIZs support is provided to the Government of Vietnam in a context of the National Digital Transformation Programme by 2025, with a focus on 2030, which was recently approved in Vietnam. This NDTP will aid in accelerating digital transformation through alterations in perception, business strategies, and incentives for the digitalization of firms, administration, and industrial operations. The program will be directed towards cooperatives, businesses, and households that wish to reform their operations to be more productive, efficient, and competitive through digital means. 

The DTC Vietnam team has a big task and responsibility ahead. The team is relatively new and made up of enthusiastic young workers who are full of potential. QOEN was invited to work with the team to conduct some teambuilding and provide support to the results based management of the DTC. QOEN conducted an MBTI self-assessment with each member. This allowed the group to understand how their different personalities may interact and helped them to discover their strengths and weaknesses, which provided a great opportunity to improve their communications and interactions. 

After this, QOEN worked closely with the team to develop logical results frameworks and a Theory of Change for the DTC program. Currently, the DTC is overseeing two major projects: the Industry 4.0 and GreenTech hub initiatives. The mission of the DTC is to strengthen Vietnam's digital sector by improving productivity, competitiveness, and employability. Furthermore, the DTC is committed to the creation, adoption, and financing of green digital technologies and advancing decent, green, and digital jobs to leave no one behind. 

With QOEN's expertise, the DTC is now much clearer on the outcomes and objectives it wants to contribute to. The young team members have gained a great deal of knowledge from our collaboration and they are excited to work towards transforming the digital landscape of Vietnam. QOEN looks forward to seeing the fruits of their labor!

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