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Empowering humanitarian and
development professionals and organizations

QOEN Coaching & Consulting: A One-stop Shop for Humanitarian and Development Workers and their organizations. We provide technical Support on results-based project and program management, and empower teams and individuals through personality and team assessments, and coaching. 

Welcome to QOEN Coaching and Consulting, where we specialize in providing tailored support to individuals, teams, and organizations dedicated to making a positive impact in the world. My name is Koen Toonen, and I am here to empower you with the tools, skills, and guidance you need to excel in your mission.

With a focus on consulting, coaching, and training, we offer a comprehensive range of services designed to address the unique challenges faced by those working in the humanitarian and development sectors. From results-based project management, advocacy for policy change, network/partnership management and strategic planning, as well as careermental health coaching and team facilitation, I'm committed to helping you achieve meaningful results and drive sustainable change.


I’m here to help you reach your goals


QOEN Consulting offers comprehensive support to enhance project effectiveness, formulate project proposals, results frameworks, drive policy change, optimize monitoring and evaluation systems, facilitate strategic planning, and foster collaboration for impactful outcomes.


QOEN Coaching offers individuals 1:1 personalized support for career guidance, mental health, stress management, and work-life balance. We help teams with team assessments, alignment and conflict resolution. QOEN's holistic approach empowers individuals and teams to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals.

Training & Facilitation

Customized tailor-made training, facilitates multi-stakeholder dialogues, organizes team retreats, provides team coaching, and offers conflict management solutions. QOEN's tailored approach fosters collaboration and enhances team effectiveness.


Where Experience Leads the Way

I loved working as a program manager and consultant for the United Nations and Non-Governmental Organizations. Contributing to a better world! This kept me going for some 25 years! However, I still kept feeling unfulfilled, exhausted and frustrated with their results. I looked for change - every day - but in the wrong places. I moved countries, and changed jobs, every time looking to contribute to something new, looking for ways to feel like I was significant, like I mattered, like there was purpose in who I was.

It literally took me surviving a terrorist attack, an armed robbery on my house, and overcoming Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, to understand what that purpose was. Only when I started to work on what was within me - rather than changing what was external, did I start to see a profound shift. And now I have evolved into an effective development consultant, and career, life and mental health coach using highly effective coaching tools and techniques to bring out the best in you, your team and your organization!

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Consulting And Technical Support

QOEN Consulting provides technical advice on results-based project management, advocacy and policy planning, strategic planning and program/project formulation. We also conduct proposal development or indicator development, develop data collection strategies, and conduct evaluations. We support multi-stakeholder partnerships/networks towards more effective collaboration.

Results Based Management

Results Based Management is a rationalized working approach widely used among development partners in international collaboration. It is currently being used to track progress achieved towards reaching the Sustainable Development Goals.

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Advocacy & Policy Development

Changing policies and laws to create a better and inclusive society is a complicated matter. Engaging in Advocacy and Policy Change means you engage in the process of convincing key decision makers to change policies, laws or strategies

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Development and Strategic Planning

QOEN Consulting empowers government officials to integrate Sustainable Development Goals, ensuring inclusive development planning aligned with local needs and national policies for impactful, sustainable change at the grassroots level.

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Multi-stakeholder Partnerships & Network Management

QOEN Consulting focuses on strengthening partnerships/network collaboration for a better world. Working in an alliance or in a network with other development or humanitarian actors brings its own set of collaboration challenges. 

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Starting 1 July:
Carve Your Career Bootcamp

This 2-month intensive program is designed to understand your personality through an in-depth MBTI personality assessment, and a 7 step approach towards thinking and rethinking your job, career or occupation, and enable you to transform your career.

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QOEN Empowerment Coaching

QOEN coaching works with certified consultants to help bring out the best in you, your staff or your team. We assess your challenge(s) and help you understand these in-depth. And as you learn, we strategize and support you with practising new behavior, leading you to better results in your life, or for your team. We want you and your team to become INSPIRED FOR LIFE.

Life Coaching

QOEN Coaching supports you with personal empowerment. We help you address fears, stress and anxieties, and help you make positive changes in your life at personal and professional levels.

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Job & Career Coaching

Choosing a job or an occupation that really matches your personality, or increasing your satisfaction with your present career can be challenging. Changing a career can be a major life transition.

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Team Assessments

QOEN Coaching can help managers, team leaders and their team members to understand and strengthen the team dynamics, though proven assessment instruments and team coaching.

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Conflict Management

Conflicts are a fact of life in a team. They are no one’s fault. Using conflict assessment models, team analysis and practice with their challenges help team members to resolve conflicts. 

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Carve Your Career

Discover your personality, define all aspects of your dream job or career and plan how to get there.

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Work-life Balance

Assess why your work and life are out of balance through a Wheel of Life Assessment and develop balance. 

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On-The-Job Coaching

Discover your personality profile and become the best version of yourself and create impact through your work. 

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Inspired For Life

Overcome what is holding you back. Mental health coaching to overcome stress, anxiety, depression, phobia. 

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