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Have you been thinking about hypnotherapy to help you with a specific issue or to improve your life generally? If so, it's only natural that you'll be curious about the cost and fees of your treatment plan as you make the decision to find the right therapist and an approach that works for you. If you're considering hypnotherapy, you may find this article helpful because I'm going to explain more about hypnotherapy, how it works, the costs and what to expect from your sessions.




Hypnotherapy differs from many types of traditional therapies in that it combines several proven strategies and approaches, such as psychotherapy, NLP, CBT with hypnosis or trance work. It also requires the hypnotherapist to include subliminal guidance whilst talking and listening to their client, which is always bespoke and created specifically for each client.

In my practice, my approach is based on the latest research from neuroscience. I use Rapid Transformational Therapy in combination with Rapid Transformational Coaching (as taught by Marisa Peer), and in combination with Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP, as taught by Dr Richard Bandler). I will provide my clients with Transformational Recordings, which help them adopt new habits over a period of several weeks.

During my sessions I will help my clients to:

  • define what it is they want to achieve in crystal-clear detail, in stead of vague and unclear conversation
  • Identify what is holding my client back from achieving their goal.
  • identify what is REALLY holding them back on a deep level and uncover the true root causes and reasons for their challenge. This is where hypnotherapy is extremely useful.
  • interrupt and reframe their often outdated beliefs about themselves and the world, for good. 
  • deeply install healthy, empowering beliefs using NLP and hypnotic language in a transformational recording, to be used over a minimum of 21 days to ensure the new beliefs get put into action each day, and to create new habits.

I will also help clients understand simply how the brain works so they can understand how our thoughts determine how we experience emotions and how these affect our habits and behaviours and, more importantly, what we can do together to change these patterns and helping you to use your brain in a more positive and beneficial way.

Hypnotherapy is also expensive because a professional and effective hypnotherapist will have completed extensive training and supervision to ensure they are effective. Training to be a hypnotherapist is not simple or quick. It requires studying case studies, and practical training, which means many clinical hours of client sessions, observation, studying, reading, supervision and continuing professional development to ensure professional skills are kept up to date.

The demands on the clinical hypnotherapist are higher than other therapies given the personalized and tailored nature of each session.  Therefore many reputable hypnotherapists will limit the number of client sessions each day to ensure they can provide the highest level of support possible.

Interestingly the other aspect which many people don't realize is that although hypnotherapy is very successful at treating many conditions, it is not subsidized by any national health service. This means hypnotherapists do not have a steady stream of referrals from local health care or other health professionals which means they have to work hard and invest, fund and promote their services to potential clients seeking out support.

Why do people choose hypnotherapy?

For many clients who seek out hypnotherapy, they may have tried several other forms of therapy such as talking therapies, counselling, CBT, or mindfulness and may also have been given medication by their doctor, but still, they find things are not getting any better and feel stuck and don't know where to turn.

Often these traditional approaches mean they have gained a greater understanding about what triggers their problems and how this impacts their life, but find they've spend a lot of time talking about 'the problem' which in itself does not help resolve the issue. They feel held back from living a fulfilling life.

Hypnotherapy attracts people who are looking for therapeutic tools and techniques to resolve the issue, and create the positive changes they need in a relatively short period of time. This means when you work with a hypnotherapist, you will not need to commit to months of therapy sessions - you can expect to create significant changes within 6 - 8 weeks, sometimes sooner. The key to success is being ready and motivated for change.

In my practice I offer packages of 1 intake session, 1 hypnotherapy session, 1 transformational recording, and 3 follow up coaching sessions (10 days, 21 days, closure). Generally, 1 or 2 packages lead the client to experience important positive change in their lives. 

Does Hypnotherapy work?

Hypnotherapy works because it helps you make beneficial changes in the subconscious part of your mind, where positive changes originate, rather than the conscious part. Because if your problems were simply at the conscious level, you may well have talked and worked through them by now, having come up with solutions to change them. But, you may not realise that most of your thoughts, responses and behaviours are driven by the subconscious part of your mind, so during a hypnotherapy session, your hypnotherapist will talk to that part of your mind and help you make beneficial changes, which become stronger as you work together. The hypnotic transformational recording helps you to continue to "wire in" these positive changes and create new positive habits.

How much does a hypnotherapy session cost?

You can expect to pay between $100 to $200 for an hour's session with a professionally trained hypnotherapist, some may charge a great deal more. Hypnotherapy fees are dependent on a number of factors including the therapist' location, experience, online or face to face sessions and the type of hypnotherapy you are seeking.

How many hypnotherapy sessions will you need?

Although sometime changes can be very quick, typically, in my experience, you will need between 6 - 10 sessions to make the lasting changes you are looking for. So the overall cost of a successful hypnotherapy programme can cost anywhere between $400 - $1000. I understand this can seem expensive depending on which therapist and options you choose, but making the decision to invest in yourself to achieve the results you are looking for is so rewarding and perhaps the best decision you'll ever make.

How to choose the best hypnotherapist for you

When you decide to find a hypnotherapist to help you overcome a problem or to improve your life, a good starting point is always to make sure the therapist has the necessary qualifications, experience and is registered with a professional association. It means that they are capable and committed to providing you with the best service and demonstrates their level of professional standards and code of conduct in their practice. 

It's also important that if you're considering hypnotherapy, that you can establish rapport with the therapist/coach and feel that you can build a good and trusted working relationship, to get the best results. Do you feel comfortable talking with them initially and do you like the sound of their voice? I always offer the option of a free initial chat either online or by phone, which is a good way of exploring your needs, receiving some advice and making sure hypnotherapy is the right approach without making a commitment. So, I always recommend taking the time to consider how you feel before starting treatment.

Always ask plenty of questions to make sure you fully understand how hypnotherapy will work for you. A good hypnotherapist will explain the process and structure of hypnotherapy sessions so you will know what to expect and how many sessions it will likely take to achieve the results you are looking for. Whether your hypnotherapy sessions are online via zoom or face to face at the clinical practice, always make sure that you feel comfortable and relaxed. Online hypnotherapy is a great option allowing you to avoid travel and access hypnotherapy from the comfort of your own home or office, but which ever option you choose, make sure it's somewhere where you won't be interrupted, and you feel comfortable to talk confidentially.

Does hypnotherapy work?

When you make an investment in your well-being and recovery, it is only natural to ask about the benefits and success rate of hypnotherapy. One of the key factors of success is the extent to which you, as the client, commit yourself to the therapeutic process and motivation for making changes in your life. Hypnotherapy is not some magic through which the therapist can change you. You are always in control of your thoughts and behavior! It is you who will or will not make changes. And therefore, in fact, therapists should never guarantee success. You will often need a number of sessions to make the lasting changes you are looking for.

In my practice, all clients have the option of using the CPHT Outcomes and Research Project (CORP), allowing clients to rate themselves using an easy scale of 1 - 10 over seven key areas of life. Each client is able to see their personalised journey and results straight away. As the outcome chart is updated at each session it means both the client and therapist can see real evidence of how things are progressing every session. 

Having said this, there is a growing body of evidence that hypnotherapy is extremely helpful in helping people make permanent positive changes and as such overcome long lasting behavioral challenges which are rooted deep in our belief system. 

If you'd like to find out how hypnotherapy can help you improve your life or overcome a particular issue, then please get in touch. I am always happy to offer help and advice.  

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